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Discover Pompeii, a fascinating monument to ancient Roman culture and a UNESCO-listed archeological site. Visiting the city feels like stepping back 2,000 years, with streets, temples, and theaters remarkably preserved by the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 79 AD. Pompeii is vast (44 hectares) and filled with secrets, so we recommend a guided tour to highlight the main sites and explain their significance.

Choose from our various tours to fit your schedule. Our expert archeologist guides offer insights into Pompeii’s architecture and its importance in understanding Roman culture and the way of life. Our tour groups are kept small to ensure you have the best possible experience. We offer a Guided Walking Tour, a  Pompeii and Vesuvius National Park Tour, or a full-day tour from several cities. Our tours last 2 to 4 hours, with day trip options lasting up to 10 hours available from multiple cities, including Rome, Sorrento, Positano, and Naples – book in advance to skip the lines and fully enjoy your Pompeii adventure.

Pompeii Tours – Prices & Overview

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tour optionsPrice from
Pompeii Guided Tour
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Pompeii Guided Tour

Join our most popular Pompeii tour & explore ancient ruins.

Herculaneum Tour
Top pick
Herculaneum Tour

Walk through history & explore Herculaneum.

Pompeii & Vesuvius Tour
Pompeii & Vesuvius Tour

Uncover the buried ancient history of Pompei & Vesuvius.

$ 125
$ 112,66
Day Trip From Naples
Best seller
Day Trip From Naples

Come with us from Naples for a visit to ancient Pompeii.

Day Trip From Rome
Day Trip From Rome

Join us on a full-day trip from Rome to see the famous ruins of Pompeii.

Day Trip From Sorrento
Day Trip From Sorrento

Discover the archeological site of Pompei from Sorrento.

Day Trip From Positano
Day Trip From Positano

Visit Pompeii’s historic remains on our tour from Positano.

Day Trip From Amalfi
Day Trip From Amalfi

Join us from Amalfi & uncover the excavations of Pompeii.

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The best Pompeii Guided Tour

We had an incredible time in Pompeii, thanks to our guide, Marco. He was always ready to answer our questions and even shared his thoughts on the tragic eruption. Honestly, a guided tour is a must! We wouldn’t have understood the rich history or explored the main sites as carefully without him. It was an unforgettable experience!


Easy booking & worth the money

I wanted to visit Pompeii for many many years and I was not disappointed. Booking online was easy and quick, no problem at all. We had a great guide who made Pompeii really interesting. I’m pleased we did this - we got much more out of it than if we had explored by ourselves. This tour is totally worth the money.


Convenient pickup & great day!

We took a tour from Naples and had a great day. Pompeii leaves you breathless; it is truly unique. The visit to the excavations was even more interesting thanks to our guide, Alex - nice, competent, and passionate. The organization of transport from Naples and back was also excellent. We were picked up and dropped off near the house where we were staying. Advised!!!


Which Pompeii Tour is the best for me?

If you want to take a guided tour directly at Pompeii or Herculaneum?

$ 63
$ 54,13
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Pompeii’s buried secrets

Pompeii Guided Tour

Explore the city of Pompeii with our popular guided tour. Discover the history of this archeological site, preserved under layers of volcanic ash for over 2,000 years. Enjoy Skip-the-line access, visit all the key sites, and learn about the tragic end of this once-thriving ancient Roman town.

$ 56
Top pick

Ancient Roman ruins

Herculaneum Tour

Uncover the secrets of Herculaneum, a UNESCO World Heritage site renowned as one of the best-preserved ancient cities. Learn how the eruption of Mount Vesuvius sealed its fate. Walk in a small group through the ancient streets with an expert guide and get a deeper understanding of life before the devastating eruption.

If you want to tour Pompeii ruins from Naples and Sorrento

$ 69
Best seller

Frozen in time

Day Trip From Naples

Visit Pompeii on a guided tour from Naples with Skip-the-line access to the archeological site. Explore the ruins, learn about the city's tragic history, and see plaster casts of its residents. Choose a convenient pickup point from multiple options.

$ 50
$ 32,91

Tragic ancient city

Day Trip From Sorrento

Join an expert guide and enjoy countryside views on your ride to Pompeii from Sorrento. Walk through ancient ruins preserved by volcanic ash from Mount Vesuvius. Learn about life in Roma times as your guide shows you the market, forum, and lavish villas.

If you want to travel to Pompeii from Positano or Amalfi

$ 194

Pompeii’s buried secrets

Day Trip From Positano

Explore Pompeii on a guided day trip from Positano. Enjoy priority access and follow your guide through the ruins, visiting key sites and learning their history. Hear fascinating stories about the lives and tragic ends of Pompeii's inhabitants.

$ 157

Timeless historical ruins

Day Trip From Amalfi

Discover Pompeii and the Amalfi Coast with an expert guide and uncover the tragic fate of this ancient civilization. Enjoy a pick-up and drop-off transfer, a scenic coastal journey, and explore Pompeii's preserved streets. Learn how the eruption of Vesuvius froze this city in time.

pompeii guided tour

FAQ - Pompeii Tours

Why should you book one of our Pompeii tours?

You can certainly visit Pompei yourself, but we recommend a guided tour to understand better its significance in Roman history, the daily life of its inhabitants, and detailed information about the day of the volcanic eruption. Also, if you join one of our tours, you can enjoy priority access to the archeological site. Expert local guides lead our tours and are available in various languages to provide the best insights into Pompeii’s remarkable history.

How long do you need to see Pompeii?

Exploring the main archaeological sites of Pompeii and getting a general overview of the city takes about 2 to 3 hours. However, for those keen on uncovering every detail of this large city, we recommend spending a few days exploring. You can spend 3 to 4 days uncovering its ruins and learning about the lives and tragic fate of its inhabitants.

What are the must-see sights in Pompeii?

When visiting Pompeii, be sure to see the plaster casts of its inhabitants, frozen in time by volcanic ash and preserved for eternity. Other highlights include the Basilica, the Forum, the bakery, the House of Faun, the Thermopolium, and the theaters. Find out more about those key sights on our Visiting Pompeii page.

What kind of clothes should I wear during the visit to Pompeii?

We recommend wearing comfortable clothes and shoes. Pompeii is a vast archaeological site with plenty of sights to explore, so make sure you have good walking shoes. Remember sunscreen and a hat during the summer, as you will spend lots of time outdoors.

Is food and drink available at Pompeii?

There is a cafe inside Pompeii where you can purchase food and drinks. Additionally, drinking water is available at fountains throughout the excavation sites. Also, there are toilets and restrooms at different locations on site.

Are backpacks allowed at Pompeii?

Small backpacks are allowed inside the site, but large pieces of luggage, bags, and other bulky items should be left in the cloakroom, which is free of charge.
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Our TOP 2 Pompeii Tours

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visiting pompeii

Pompeii & Vesuvius Tour

Discover Pompeii: The Lost City Preserved by Vesuvius

Take a day trip to explore both Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius at Vesuvius National Park. Enjoy comfortable transportation and skip-the-line entry to Pompeii, where you can tour its well-preserved ruins, artworks, and frescoes. Learn about the daily life of the ancient civilization buried under volcanic ash for over 2,000 years and see the plaster casts of the unfortunate residents. Then, visit Mount Vesuvius and look into the volcanic crater. Enjoy stunning views of Pompeii, Herculaneum, and the Bay of Naples from Vesuvius. Experience the peaceful landscape that once buried these ancient cities under ash in 79 AD.

Day Trip from Rome

Take a break from the city & explore the ruins of Pompeii

Escape the capital and journey back to 79 AD with a guided tour of Pompeii. Enjoy the convenient pick-up and drop-off transfer and travel comfortably through the scenic Italian countryside with Mediterranean and Mount Vesuvius views. Spend the afternoon exploring this ancient city, preserved in time by layers of volcanic ash. Witness the final moments of its inhabitants and explore their daily lives. Discover how Pompeii inhabitants lived, decorated their homes, and even learn how they managed their water systems. You’ll also see plaster casts of the victims, whose last moments were preserved by the volcanic ash. The guide will take you to famous sites such as the amphitheater, thermal baths, Forum, and a well-known brothel. Learn about Pompeii’s significance as a resort for prominent ancient Romans and why the ancient Greeks settled there in the 8th century BC.

walking at pompeii

Plan your visit to Pompeii in advance!

Read ahead to learn everything you need to know before your Pompeii visit! We have prepared the ultimate Pompeii guide, which contains all the information, tips, and advice you need to know before visiting this unique ancient city.

Want to explore Pompeii at your own pace?

Take a look at our selection of the best Pompeii Tickets

$ 26

Skip The Line

Pompeii Ticket

Book a skip-the-line ticket to Pompeii to avoid the crowds and explore the ancient Roman city destroyed by a volcanic eruption. Discover ruined temples, theaters, and villas. View the plaster casts of the dead as you walk through this famous city, frozen in time.

$ 31
$ 26,83

Skip The Line

Herculaneum Ticket

Get priority access and visit the ruins of Herculaneum, a once-thriving town destroyed by Mount Vesuvius. Explore its perfectly preserved ruins and 300 skeletons of its inhabitants, and learn about its history and culture with a multi-language audio guide.