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About Pompeii entrance ticket

Book Pompeii skip-the-line ticket and explore the city that was completely destroyed by a volcanic eruption. You will discover ruined temples, theaters, villas, and plaster casts of the dead as you wander through this site, which appears frozen in time.


Pompeii skip-the-line ticket

Purchase this Pompeii skip-the-line ticket and explore the city, which was totally destroyed by the volcano eruption. Check out temples, theaters, villas, and public buildings as you stroll through the city, which looks like it is frozen in time.

Simply show your ticket at the attraction entrance and start discovering one of the world's most famous archaeological sites.

On the morning of August 24, AD 79, Pompeii's 11,000 residents were caught off guard by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius, which buried the city beneath volcanic ash and claimed lives. During your self-guided tour of Pompeii, you will have an opportunity to see where Romans shopped for lunch, marvel at the mosaics in the public baths, and explore Hellenistic gems like the House of the Faun.

Picture yourself in the amphitheater's audience or admire the frescoes in the Villa of the Mysteries. Visit the temples of Venus, Apollo, and Jupiter, and capture the city with Vesuvius as a backdrop. Take your time exploring at your own pace without the hassle of booking tickets on the spot.

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Meeting Point

On the day of your visit present your smartphone ticket at the "Porta Marina Inferiore (Piazza Esedra)" entrance. Please be advised that you cannot use any other entrance and that you can redeem your entrance ticket only on the day of your visit!

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Transport yourself back to 79 AD as you stroll through the well-preserved streets, homes, and public spaces of Pompeii, where the volcano once erupted.


Marvel at the breathtaking backdrop of Mount Vesuvius - an active volcano that forever changed the history of Pompeii.


See the plaster casts of the dead, created by archaeologists to depict the final moments of inhabitants who attempted to escape the intense volcanic eruption.


Explore the wonders of this UNESCO World Heritage Site with skip-the-line access, allowing you to maximize your Pompeii experience and delve deep into the everyday lives of ancient Romans without the wait!

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FAQ - Pompeii Entrance Tickets

Which Pompeii entrance is better?

Pompeii has multiple entrances. Porta Marina Entrance is located on the east side of Pompeii and is considered the main entrance. Piazza Anfiteatro Entrance is close to the Amphitheatre (the oldest known Roman amphitheater) and might be convenient if you want to start your visit from this area. The Piazza Porta Nocera Entrance is situated on the southwest side of Pompeii and provides access to the site near the Villa of the Mysteries. Please use the " Porta Marina Inferiore "entrance to redeem your entrance ticket on the day of your visit.

Is 2 hours enough for Pompeii?

Spending just 2 hours in Pompeii won't let you see all the main attractions. Even with four days, you might still miss some things at this unique archaeological site. That's why we suggest dedicating as much time as possible to explore Pompeii.

Is Pompeii skip the line worth it?

Certainly, especially if you plan to visit Pompeii on weekend afternoons when there are large crowds. Purchasing a ticket that has skip the line access will save you a lot of time and enhance your overall experience at Pompeii!

Can you go to Pompeii without a tour?

Certainly! If you prefer to explore Pompeii on your own, you can definitely do so. Just be aware that with numerous sites to visit, it might be confusing due to the abundance of ruins. That's why you might want to think about booking a Pompeii Guided Tour.
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Everything you need to know before visiting Pompeii

Pompeii is a very large excavation site, spreading over 163 acres, and it can be quite challenging to explore the entire place if you do not know how to move around! That's why we've compiled all the helpful tips and essential information to ensure you're well-prepared for your upcoming trip to Pompeii. From the ideal time to explore this archaeological site to its opening hours and must-visit landmarks, we've gathered all the important details in our Pompeii visiting guide.

When is the best time to visit Pompei?

Weekday or Weekend?

Choosing to visit Pompeii on weekdays means you'll likely find fewer people, making it a calmer experience. Weekdays allow you to explore the historical wonders of Pompeii at your own pace, without the crowds that often come with weekends.

The best time of the day to visit

If you prefer waking up early, we recommend visiting Pompeii right when the gates open. Alternatively, visiting in the afternoon is also a good idea if you wish to avoid the crowds.

Pompeii Working Hours

From April 1st to October 31st - From 9 AM to 7 PM

The last entry is at 5.30 PM.

From November 1st to March 31st - From 9 AM to 5 PM

The last entry is at 3.30 PM.

Please note that the archeological site of Pompeii is closed on December 25th, May 1st, and January 1st.

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The entrance ticket for Pompeii was a huge time-saver! We were able to bypass the lengthy queues and enter the site right away. We learned some interesting facts about Pompeii during our visit. I highly recommend booking this ticket!


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We chose to purchase this skip-the-line ticket for Pompeii, and it turned out to be a fantastic choice since we were able to skip a lengthy queue in front of the entrance. Our experience exploring Pompeii was more than enjoyable, thanks to this ticket. Pompeii is definitely a site worth visiting!


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